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RAFC - Reel Anglers Fishing Club - Southwest Florida

Reel Anglers Fishing Club, Inc. is a group of local residents who love recreational fishing. We have about 175 members who get together often to share their knowledge about fishing and boating around Sanibel and Pine Island.

Our monthly meetings include guest speakers with expertise on a variety of subjects including the local environment, fishing tackle and techniques, and boating safety.

We have members who are qualified to conduct boating safety inspections and they provide this service to our members free of charge.

RAFC promotes social interaction among our members and many friendships have formed this way.

We are happy to welcome new members and educate them on fishing and boating in this area.

The Reel Fishing Club and The Anglers Fishing Club. At that time Ray Williams of Cape Coral, Florida was President of the Reel Fishing Club and Don Johnson of Cape Coral, Florida was President of The Anglers Fishing club.

In the year 2000 Vince Parkinson became President of both clubs. In 2001 Vince Parkinson proposed to the two existing club’s board members that a merger of both clubs would be beneficial for having a larger and stronger fishing club. The proposal was accepted that year and a new name was given to the merge of the clubs with the outcome of the name The Reel Anglers Fishing Club. As the years followed the formation of the one club and one name created the listed presidents and their years served in that capacity:

Vince Parkinson - 2000, 2001 thru 2005, 2007, 2008, 2014
Harry Crossland - 2006
Don Nelson - 2009
Gary Nichting - 2010 through 2013, 2015 through 2017

Jim Griffiths - 2018

The Reel Anglers Fishing Club was incorporated becoming effective on January 1, 2013.

The Reel Anglers Fishing Club is currently the largest fishing club in Lee County due to a successful growth and participation of many.

"Good Fishing."