Reel Anglers Fishing Club
2023 Bylaws and Standing Rules

Article 1 - Membership and Dues
Article 2 - Meetings
Article 3 - Officers and Directors
Article 4 - Duties of the Board

  • Financial Matters
  • Committees and Projects
  • Elections and Appointments

Article 5 - Communications, Privacy and Security
Article 6 - Amendments and Revisions
Article 7 - Standing Rules

Terms used within:

  • Executive Board is President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Board is Executive Board and Directors
  • FTCC is Fishing Trip Committee Chairman

Reel Anglers Fishing Club, Inc.
Bylaws as of April 2023

Article 1 Membership and Dues

  1. Membership is open to the general public. Applications must be completed either through the website Join Tab or paper Join Form. Dues are sent to the Treasurer in order to activate the online account.
  2. An Individual member must be eighteen years or older.
  3. Family Membership are couples and are entitled to one vote for elections. Separate voting requires individual membership and dues. All members receive all Club communications.
  4. The Board may award Honorary or Life Memberships to individuals - in recognition of service to the Club. These Members are dues free. Honorary Members do not vote in meetings or elections, while Life Members have full privileges.
  5. Membership Dues begin on January 1st for each calendar year. The renewal period for upcoming year runs from December 1st to March 1st.  Members failing the deadline will be removed from the membership roster.
  6. New memberships submitted before June 30 - dues will be the full rate - July 1st and after will be half rate.
  7. The Board may recommend changes to annual dues. Changes would be for  upcoming year and be established by majority vote of membership.

Article 2 Meetings

  1. The President holds monthly meetings of the Board. Any four members constitutes a quorum.
  2. The President presides over regular monthly club meetings. The Executive Board should be in attendance.
  3. The President, or presiding officer, prepares the meeting agendas and shall conduct each meeting in an orderly fashion.
  4. The Board determine meeting date, location and time. When changes are made, advanced notice is made through a website cover page posting and email.

Article 3 Officers and Directors

  1. Officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Directors will include one or more Director positions. All should be full time residents. It was determined that Director positions with comparable responsibility, would be included in all decision making processes.
  2. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President temporarily assumes the position until a new election is run.
  3. Officers and Directors must be members in good standing.
  4. The term for elected positions runs two years. All Chairs will run concurrently.

Article 4 Duties of the Board

  1. The President presides over all club meetings, maintains order and represents Board of Directors.
  2. The Vice President will coordinate the efforts and oversee the progress of all committees and projects.
  3. The Treasurer will be responsible for financial transactions and all other money matters . This excludes meal or activity deposits that are not intended to be deposited as income.
  • Has responsibility for expenditures; purchases, vendor arrangements and extraordinary invoices. A quarterly summary will be a part of the general meeting.
  •  Manages banking accounts, the budget, all records and financial reports. Will maintain historical records.
  •  Will engage an Audit Committee for each fiscal year and assist with its production. The Audit is presented to the Board of Directors and archived, in hard copy, with the Club Secretary.
  •  The Treasurer maintains the one Official Membership Roster.  Matching copies will be kept by the Secretary and Webmaster. The website and Constant Contact listings will all match and remain current.
  1. The Secretary is responsible for recording Meeting and Board minutes.
  •  Works with Webmaster to distribute the Meeting minutes.
  •  Maintains a copy of Bylaws and Standing Rules
  •  Archives financial records and any important documents requiring safe keeping
  •  Manages the voting process along with the webmaster.  (Refer to item 4C-7)
  1. The Directors will work to create the staffing for all club committees and special activities. Directors have a “step up” role to perform tasks, duties, or functions for the needs and good of the order.
  2. Any Board member not fulfilling their responsibilities adequately will be called before the Board to discuss the circumstances. The Board must consider remedies or, at that meeting, dismiss the member by a majority vote of the Board.

Article 4A Financial Matters

  1. The Board has overall responsibility for the financial health of the club.

Expenditures will stay within limits of each budget item.
Anticipated, extraordinary expenditures will be presented to the Board, only when required for maintenance or advancing the good of the Club and may be deemed proper.
The Treasurer engages the Board to decide upon extraordinary disbursements. Significant changes to the budget will be considered and adjusted if necessary.

  1. The Board and/or Treasurer shall never commit to any spending that exceeds a total  budget item. When financial circumstances dramatically improve or decline, a new a updated budget will be prepared.
  2. Conservative spending practices will be maintained by the Board. Unless for good reason, the Board will not authorize expenditures that will decrease the budget by more than twenty five percent.
  3. The Board may recommend an increase dues to be brought before membership for approval.
  4. The Club shall not donate money to any organization.
  5. Members are not authorized to organize or participate in any event that use club resources unless authorized by the Board.
  6. All donated tangible or intangible items become Club property. The Board will decide how best to use items. Donations should only be used in a manner to increase club goals or revenues.
  7.  Social events that have food and beverage commitments, require an advance fee per reservation.
  8. The Board will not provide any free event that compromises the financial well being of the club.

Article 4B Committees & Projects

  1. The Board is responsible for all Committees and Projects and the Vice President provides oversight of each club activity. Board members or club members, who volunteer, will assume a management and fiscal role for each activity.
  2. Any person chairing a club activity will be capable of handling all the fine details for running a successful event. Those who volunteer to work on a committee will work cooperatively to insure for success. All record keeping, money collection and disbursements and final reporting will pass through the Treasurer, Secretary and Board.

Article 4C  Elections and Appointments

  1. “Member in Good Standing” is demonstrated and defined by participation in club activities.
  2. The Executive Board and Directors will all be voted positions. Once elected, they take office on January 1st  or immediately for special elections.
  3. A member serves for two years and may be reelected to any office, any number of times.
  4. In the event a standing Officer or Director resigns, the President may move any officer into a position to meet the needs. An election to fill a vacancy will be held as quickly as possible.
  5. When elections are warranted, members may nominate themselves or other member for Officer and Director positions. For regular Board election, names will submitted to the Secretary by September 30th. For special elections thirty days from announcement of a vacancy.
  6. Candidates agree to fulfill the duties of the office and will submit a bio which is retained by the Secretary.
  7. The final slate of candidates for open positions is presented at the November meeting and posted on the website. For special elections thirty days from announcement of a vacancy.

The website will maintain a Voting section. For all voting, the issue will be posted, an email will go to every member or family and a YES or NO contact form will provide for one hundred percent voting by email.
Paper Ballots will be available at the December.
Only for contested positions, Ballots will be emailed and member votes returned prior to December 1st.
All ballots will be tallied, results announced and majority vote wins.

  1. If the any portion of the slate is running unopposed, the Secretary will cast a single vote of acceptance. If a tie occurs, the winners may determine, between themselves, who will take the office. The other will be offered a Director’s post. With no settlement, a coin toss determines the winner.

Article 5 Communications, Privacy and Security

  1. The Official Membership Roster contains contact and other relevant personal information. Excluding contact information, each member decides what extra information will reside on the website. The Roster is always for “membership eyes only” and website will not maintain any down-loadable format.
  2. Email is the single source of official communications. Members who do not use personal email, must provide a suitable replacement. There is no snail mail or phone calls for club materials. Members are responsible for keeping their information current.
  3. The website email system will be used for all official communications and newsletter
    communication will be archived for at least, one year.
  4. The website public section will contain a Governance page. The general public and potential members will see how we organize and run our club. It includes: Current Officers, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Standing Rules
  5. The Constant Contact system will be used only for unofficial business such as meal activities and special functions.
  6. The Webmaster maintains a website, in two distinct sections, one for members and one for the general public. The “Member Section” will be secure and require an ID and password.
  7. The webmaster oversees social media sites. Members should be aware of negative, political or false content. Such entries should be reported to the Board and Webmaster.
  8. Membership information shall never be released to any other person or agency outside of the club. And, use of a personal email, computer or server to contact membership is prohibited.

 The Board takes responsibility to determine willful violation of this article and determine appropriate action.

 Membership will receive notification if any privileged information has distributed.

  1. Direct member to member emails are acceptable.

Article 6 Amendments/Revisions to the Bylaws

  1. The Bylaw Committee will review the Bylaws and Standing Rules annually. Any and all Articles may be changed in part or in whole in order to keep the document current with the club purpose and the times.
  2. No Bylaw Article will be approved if contrary to the objectives as stated in “Articles of Incorporation - Article III - Purpose.”
  3. The Bylaws and Standing Rules should be well organized and Articles stated simply and clearly and worded for understanding.
  4. Any member, in good standing, may propose an amendment by submitting it in an email to the club email address - The Bylaw Committee shall review the submitted amendment(s) for the following: form, content, relevance, and compatibility with the Club’s purpose and objectives.  If rejected, will provide a specific reason to the member and membership.
  5. Once the pro forma stage of Bylaw and Standing Rules is completed, the document will be presented to the Board for approval. If approved, it will move to a vote by the membership. If not approved, it will go back to committee for reconsideration of specified items.

Article 7 Standing Rules

  1. Standing Rules shall be guided by the intent and desire to serve in the best interests of the Club. The stated objective of sharing our knowledge with all members is a firm concept and should be honored and implemented.
  2. All Standing Rules shall be carried until amended.
  3. No Standing Rule may be contrary to, in contradiction of, or in conflict with any Bylaw.
  4. The Bylaw Committee is charged with making any modification to Standing Rules.
  5. Any member may propose a change to a Standing Rule by an email request. The Committee may make a recommendation to accept or reject the proposed modification.
  6. Standing Rules may be an integrated along with Bylaw voting.
  7. A member displaying behavior anytime that is crude, illegal, or represents a hazard or danger to other members, guests or club - may be brought before the Executive Board for disciplinary action or expulsion.

Standing Rules
Adopted April, 2023

Rule 1     Fishing Trips

  •  Captains own and operate a vessel for an organized club fishing trip, while Mates are guests invited on a trip.
  •  The Fishing Trip Committee Chairperson (FTCC) works to match Captains and Mates. All members should completely fill out the Roster information by revisiting the “JOIN” tab of the website. The information is comprehensive and will help with matching up for trips.
  •  To assist in the matching process, the FTCC will maintain a monthly list of participating boats, available spaces and members wishing to participate. Only members may be on the list, but Captains reserve the right to invite their own guests on any trip.

Rule 2     Responsibilities

  • All participants must have a current, valid Florida fishing or sportsman’s license in their possession, unless exempted by age or Florida statutory provision - then an ID is required.
  • Captains will give a pre-trip safety checkup with the Mates including
  • Emergency boat procedures
  • Operation of radio or electronics (as is feasible)
  • Location of life vests, signaling devices and all safety equipment.
  • Location of medical supplies
  • Expenses such as fuel, bait, ice and/or food should be shared equally among members on each participating trip. As costs are approximate, Captains will advise Mates of their share of expenses - if possible - prior to each trip. Upon return to shore, Mates will settle up with their Captain. Mates should always assist in fish, tackle and vessel clean up.
  • Captains who select their own Mates from the membership will notify the FTCC. If a Captain indicates room for additional Mates, FTCC will assign them.
  • Mates who cancel, must notify their Captain as soon as possible before departure. The Captain shall, in turn, contact the FTCC so another Mate can take their place. A Captain may refuse to accept a Mate at his or her discretion.
  • Members are expected to act responsibly while participating in Club organized trips and to share space and fishing opportunity in an equitable manner. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Refer to the Bylaws for disciplinary action.
  • Captains should have a float plan that is held by a designated contact person for emergencies. Appropriate instructions should be contained - especially for delayed return times.
  • Captains have the responsibility and will confirm that his/her vessel is suitable for providing a safe trip and has:
  • liability insurance
  • sufficient fuel and proper operational equipment
  • proper safety equipment needed to pass a US Coast Guard, State of Florida or Local law enforcement Safety inspection.
  • a VHF radio (recommended) for ship to ship and ship to shore communications. Prior to embarking, a VHF channel is selected for ship to ship communications. For inshore trips a cell phone may be substituted.
  • releases (optional) from Mates. Please arrange with Captain prior to departure.
  • taken (suggested) a Boaters Safety Class or similar course of instruction offered by the US Power Squadron or Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Rule 2     Fish of the Month

  • Fish of the Month is a fun and ongoing event for every member.
  • Each month, a member can submit, to the Chairman, one picture of any fish, caught anywhere.
  • The month, begins at 12:00 AM on the Tuesday prior to each meeting and ends at midnight on the Monday prior to each meeting.
  • A photo must be taken of your entry (not a group photo) and emailed to the Chairman. The Chairman’s email address will be posted on the cover of the website.
  • Upon receipt, the member's name will be entered into a drawing, held at the regular monthly meeting, for a prize determined by the Board. Fish that are out of season and/or may not be boated, are eligible.
  • The success of this event is dependent on the honesty of each member.

Rule 3  Fishing Events

  • RAFC encourages all forms of legal fishing; inshore, offshore, kayak, shoreline and pier fishing.
  • Periodically, the club will create an activity for members to gather at a location for fishing, comradeship and/or instructions.
  • Captains are encourage to enter a fishing report, into the website Fishing Log, after each trip and for other members information.

Rule 9     Miscellaneous Items

  • The sole purpose of the club as reflected by our Mission Statement is to “have fun and exchange information about safety, boating, and fishing.” Due to the competitive nature, we do not sanction, participate in, or organize tournament fishing events.
  • This policy does not prevent members from participating in other tournaments.
  • The President may invited any Guest speaker to a meal, at club expense.
  • A bereavement donation will be made to the immediate family of a member who has passed away. Not to exceed fifty dollars.
  • Any member displaying behavior anywhere that is crude, illegal, or represents a hazard or danger to other members, guests or club - may be brought before the Executive Board for disciplinary action or expulsion.

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